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Don't Pack Up - Our Process is Preparation Free

How to Prepare for a Visit From Your Bed Bug Exterminator in Staten Island, NY

When you’ve noticed the presence of bed bugs in your home,  it’s time to call a Staten Island, NY, bed bug exterminator to come out and assess the situation. With the help of dogs that are trained to sniff out the tiny bugs, your exterminator will confirm whether you have a problem and come up with a plan to treat it. Once your exterminator gets there, they will know exactly what to do but there are things that you can do to prepare for this initial visit that would make things easier for the both of you as the bed bug exterminator assesses the situation to the best of their abilities.

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No Need to Clean

Do what makes you feel comfortable, but the bed bug exterminator can do their job without you needing to run around your home and clean it up before the visit. They may want to see where you have noticed the bugs so you would not necessarily want to wash anything that showed signs of the pests solely because you are having the bed bug exterminator over to your home. 


One matter that can make it harder for a bed bug exterminator to properly examine and treat a home is when there is clutter on the floor if it makes your home challenging to navigate. When the dogs are coming by to inspect, it is wise to put away any food so they don’t get distracted. They are highly trained and focused on their jobs, but dogs do get hungry, of course. 


Keep Track of Where You See Them

It is very important for a bed bug exterminator to know as much information about the issue as possible. The best way to help with that is to take note of any live bed bugs, shells, or any evidence of bed bug activity. If you have seen it other places in the home, it would be helpful for your exterminator to know so that they will be able to properly examine and treat the home. While these hints are nice to know, the dogs will easily and quickly find where the bugs are hiding, even in the tiniest of nooks and crannies.


Move Large Items Out of The Way 

A bed bug exterminator will likely want to be able to examine the entire bed frame as well as the mattress and box spring. As such, it is helpful for them to be able to have access to the entirety of your bed. Pulling the bed away from the wall so that it can be thoroughly inspected can be very helpful. Moving furniture and away from the bed itself would also be helpful so that there aren’t any parts of the bed that may be otherwise missed. 


Remove Any Pets

Removing any pets from the room before the bed bug exterminator gets there will help to ensure the entire process runs smoothly. Having new people in your home and new dogs can be stressful on your pets.

Trust the Dogs to Do Their Work

Preparation is minimal for a visit from the bed bug exterminator. The dogs get to work immediately to find the bugs so that the exterminator knows exactly where treatment is necessary. The sooner this happens, the sooner your bed bug problem will disappear.

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