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Don't Pack Up - Our Process is Preparation Free

How to Choose the Right NYC Bed Bug Exterminator to Conduct a Bed Bug Inspection

When you suspect you might have bed bugs in your NYC home, the last thing you want is a pest control service in NYC that announces their presence to your neighbors. These qualities can help you choose the right bed bug exterminator to conduct a discreet and effective inspection.

How to Know If You Have Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are equal opportunity infesters—they can come home with anyone to make your home their new abode. Common ways to pick them up can be when riding the bus, flying, on your luggage from a trip, even on a backpack. You can pick them up in a hotel when your suitcase is open and they find their way into the clothing and they can travel on your purse from the Uber ride you caught. 

Bed bugs are tiny, brown pests that feed every 7-10 days when they come out at night to bite shoulders, arms, and legs while you sleep. While they hide in seams and cracks of the mattress and box springs, they can also be found in cracks and crevices of the baseboards and closets. Sanitation has no impact on them finding their way into your home.

Unfortunately, they have become more and more resistant to the standard chemicals used to eradicate them and you need a bed bug exterminator with innovative methods.


What to Look For in a Bed Bug Exterminator

When searching for a pest control company that specializes in bed bugs, look for the following services.

Dogs: Dogs are being used in more and more services where their keen sense of smell can detect things that human sight and smell can miss. Your NYC bed bug exterminator should have bug-sniffing dogs that come into your home to sniff out the bed bugs. With over 800 hours of training, they are skilled at locating bed bugs within a 3-foot radius and are accurate over 96% of the time. Working side by side with their trainers, they perform bed bug inspections every day.

Cryonite Freezing: Since bed bugs have become immune to pesticides that used to be fatal to them, look for a service that has cryonite freezing technology. Cryonite freezing is an effective non-toxic solution made of recycled carbon dioxide that is frozen to -110 degrees, freezing bed bugs in their tracks in an instant. The trained bed bug exterminators spray the CO2 around the space where the bugs have been found, killing even the eggs, and because it is non-toxic, you do not even have to leave the house. 

Guarantee: An overarching guarantee means that you will receive environmentally safe products, highly trained technicians to treat your home, and a free follow-up visit if you are not 100% satisfied. If for some reason all of the bed bugs are not eliminated, they will return at no cost to you for another cryonite treatment

Easy Contact: Bed bug bites happen at night and this is when you feel stressed and need some help and reassurance. This is why you need a pest control service with a phone line that is open from early in the morning until late at night so that you can call as soon as you know there is a problem. Your pest control service should offer a fast solution or find one that does.