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How a Bed Bug Exterminator Uses Dogs in Bronx, NY

They’re cute, they’re cuddly, and some of them are bed bug sniffing machines. Many residents in Bronx, NY, may not realize that one of the best kept secret weapons to ending bed bug infestations for good is man’s best friend. Dogs have been known to perform many jobs designed to help humans, by using their keen senses and training capabilities. Detecting bed bugs is a coveted job for highly trained canines, and it requires more than just a powerful nose. If you’ve been wondering how a bed bug exterminator uses dogs to stop these pests in their tracks, read on and we will help you sniff out everything you need to know.

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The Dogs

Highly trained and certified, bed bug dogs are fully focused on the job at hand. Before they go into the field, bed bug dogs will have 800 hours of bed bug detection training under their collar, all done with a master canine handler. They work side by side with their handler to continue honing their skills, making them true experts at specifically sniffing out bed bugs. Ultimately they have multiple opportunities to perform inspections so that they can keep their skills fresh. As a result of all of their hard work, bed bug dogs have the honor of being up to 98% effective at pinpointing bed bugs within a 3-foot radius of the location of infestation. 

The Process

So how will a bed bug exterminator use these furry experts to help rid your home of bed bugs? The process can take just minutes.

First, you may be asked to turn off fans and air conditioning units, and close all windows one hour before your scheduled inspection. You may also want to temporarily remove your pets and food during the inspection. If you can’t have them removed from your home completely, then they could be cordoned off in an unaffected room such as the bathroom. It’s also a good idea to remove clutter and make sure to have a pathway for the dog and the handler to easily maneuver through your home. This work may include vacuuming and removing any food or debris from the floor, so as not to distract the dog. All radios and TVs should also be turned off to avoid distraction as well. 

Since bed bug dogs are highly trained, they are instantly able to pinpoint the exact source of your bed bug problem—if you do indeed have one. This quick exercise saves everyone—from the resident to the bed bug exterminator—time in trying to guess where bed bugs may be hiding. Bed bugs are notoriously evasive, and while it may seem obvious that they are lurking in your mattress or bed frame, bed bugs could also be hanging out in crevices in your wall, behind picture frames and even in living room furniture. 

When the handlers and exterminators let the dogs do their job, the trained animals will sniff out the corners of your home to indicate where bed bug infestations truly lie. After the dogs have helped to locate the source of the bed bugs, the exterminator can begin remediation and let you know what the recommended plan involves. 

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