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How a Bed Bug Exterminator Keeps an Infestation From Spreading in Brooklyn, NY

If you have started to suspect that you might have a bed bug problem in your Brooklyn, NY, home, a call to the experts will clear the air and give you peace of mind. If it turns out you do indeed have a problem with the biting bugs, the bed bug exterminator will get to work right away to make them go away. Experienced, licensed, and trained exterminators have access to the latest technologies and techniques to get those pesky pests gone—so that you won’t have any more sleepless nights.

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Inspection by the Bed Bug Dogs

Accompanied by highly trained bed bug sniffing dogs, the bed bug company will not only get your bed inspected but other parts of your home, too, to root out where those bugs are hiding and to see what you’re dealing with. Knowing where they are is the first step. The dogs can sniff them out in the smallest nooks and crannies, spots that you wouldn’t be able to effectively inspect on your own. 

You’ll need to know for sure whether you have bed bugs or some other type of bug as that will affect the exact treatment method for clearing out your home of pests. 


Acting Quickly

Speed is of the essence when dealing with bed bugs. They are known for reproducing relatively rapidly and can spread out where they reside. Once the dogs sniff out the bugs, then the plan can be put in place for treatment. Acting swiftly will ensure that the infestation does not spread further. 


Sweating Out the Wait 

Feeling like bugs have invaded, many people take it upon themselves to try to clean their clothes and luggage of bed bugs while they wait for their exterminator to do their work. This may entail bringing any and all clothes that may have been exposed to the bed bugs to the dry cleaners. The problem with this approach is that moving your belongings in this way may lead to further spreading of the infestation. While the bugs may die off in the drying process, there is the risk that some could escape during travel or that their tiny eggs could fall out. 


Bed bugs can travel in more ways than just clothing and sheets, they often travel on walls, ceilings, cable wires, etc. That’s why your bed bug exterminator will need to treat more than just your bed. A holistic, non-toxic treatment is going to rid your home of the bugs.

Cryonite Freezing

The most effective way to keep an infestation from spreading involves stopping all of the bugs in their tracks. Cryonite freezing is an innovative, proven way to rid homes of bed bugs. By freezing bed bugs with carbon dioxide “dry ice” snow, your bed bug exterminator will be getting at bed bugs wherever they are hiding. Perhaps best of all, while Cryonite is not safe for bugs, it is safe for the things you love most—people and pests. 

If you think bed bugs are what’s causing you to have itchy arms at night or you’ve seen signs of the bugs in your belongings, make the call to find out with certainty. Call in the dogs to sniff around so that your bed bug exterminator can get to work right away. This is not a disruptive process as you will be able to reoccupy your space as soon as the treatment is complete.

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