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Does Bed Bug Freezing Work?

Fact: Bed bugs cannot survive in extreme cold. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you have to wait for another Long Island, NY, winter to eradicate a bed bug infestation. Innovative technology allows exterminators to now harness the below-freezing temperatures necessary to kill bed bugs anytime of the year. It’s called bed bug freezing.

How Bed Bug Freezing Works

Historically, high heat has been the method of choice when attempting to destroy a bed bug infestation. However, with bed bug infestations on the rise, some of the brightest and most innovative minds have been employed with the task of finding a more effective extermination treatment. What did technology, research, and innovation come up with? A bed bug freezing machine. 

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Currently, freezing machines are one of the most popular methods of bed bug eradication. Freezing machines work by using a pressure hose that converts liquid carbon dioxide into a dry ice solid. This is, effectively, a kind of powdered snow. The freezing machine shoots out the converted carbon dioxide and kills bed bugs on contact.

Pros of Bed Bug Freezing Treatments

Bed bug freezing treatments are growing in popularity because they are extremely safe. Traditional pesticide chemicals are hazardous to people, pets, and the environment. Freezing treatments come with no caution tags. 

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Additionally, freezing treatments can be used on any number of household surfaces without damaging property. Water vapor or heat from a steamer can potentially damage property, especially hardwood, leather, and laminate materials. Freezing treatments are also incredibly simple and fast to use. Because of their efficiency, homeowners typically save money when hiring an exterminator who utilizes freezing treatments.

Cons of Bed Bug Freezing Treatments

One of the major disadvantages of using a freezing treatment is that, unlike a steam-heat treatment, it does not penetrate surfaces. A steam-heat treatment may damage surfaces, but it can penetrate mattresses, couches, and other porous materials to reach bed bugs that have embedded themselves. 

Another issue is that the high pressure used in freezing treatments runs the risk of blowing bed bugs away and not in fact eliminating them. Steam-heat treatments have adjustable pressure, so they run less of a risk of simply blowing the bugs away. Both freezing and steam-heat treatments kill bed bugs on contact and may not prevent the infestation from returning.

Is a Bed Bug Freezing Treatment Right for You?

Whether your exterminator is using freezing or steam-heat treatments, one thing can be said for sure: Bed bugs take more than one kind of technique to truly eliminate an infestation. A professional exterminator will apply an integrative approach to eradicate the infestation. 

Because every bed bug infestation is different, the particular cocktail of treatments will look different depending on the particulars of the situation. A professional exterminator will determine what bed bug treatments will be most effective in your home and apply them accordingly. 

It is safe to say that if you’re worried about property damage and want the instant relief of knowing that the bed bugs living on the surfaces in your home are dead, a freezing treatment could certainly be one piece of the integrative extermination puzzle. Your bed bug extermination professional will tailor-make a plan that will work best for you, addressing all of your concerns, and making sure that the job gets done.