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Cryonite Freezing as a Bed Bug Treatment in NYC

Have itchy, red bumps started to surface on your skin, and the itchiness is keeping you up at all hours of night? If you suspect that you may have a bed bug infestation in NYC, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and distressed with your situation. After all, bed bugs are notoriously one of the hardest pests to eradicate, and there are many different, ineffective ways people try to control the problem. But the most effective bed bug treatment today is Cryonite freezing. Read on and we will show you how this method can quickly make your bed bug infestation a problem of the past. 

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Bring in the Bed Bug Dogs

The first step in your bed bug eradication plan is to identify and detect the problem. You may think you have a bed bug problem when in fact it could be something else or nothing at all. One of the best ways to pinpoint the exact location and source of a bed bug infestation is with the use of highly trained bed bug dogs. They will use their heightened sense of smell and expert training to locate concentrated areas of infestation in minutes, so you will know if there is indeed a problem and a bed bug treatment plan can get underway. 

The Cryonite Freezing Process

As you may know, there are many ways that you can try to get rid of your bed bug problem, but none of them are quite as effective as Cryonite freezing. Instead of using dangerous chemicals, Cryonite freezing utilizes carbon dioxide snow (dry ice snow) to freeze concentrated areas at a temperature of -110°F. This dry ice snow is sprayed with a nozzle directly on to areas that have been identified as being infested to instantly freeze and kill the insects. With this non-toxic method, no residue or damage is left behind, and it’s safe, non-staining and will not lead to damage to your belongings like electronics, toys, clothing, bedding, or furniture. 

Follow-Up Care

Cryonite freezing has proven to be a safe and effective method for getting rid of bed bugs for good. When suspected areas of infestation are targeted, and then other suspicious areas nearby are treated as well, the overall effect is not only safer but more effective than other methods. Cryonite freezing can be used to stop bed bugs as they hide in cracks, behind picture frames, in baseboards, and a variety of other hard-to-reach places where bed bugs like to go. It is a thorough way to address a very distressing pest problem. 

NY Bed Bug Dogs anticipates needing to treat your NYC for bed bugs just one time. But we do stand by our work 100% and will return for a follow-up visit if needed. 

If you find yourself facing the problem of ridding your NYC home of bed bugs, do not wait and suffer another moment more of wondering what to do. Choose a bed bug exterminator that will use the combination of expertly trained dogs and Cryonite freezing to put an end to your problem—and leave you with confidence that’s the bugs are gone for good.

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