Pricing Guide: How Much Does Bed Bug Treatment Cost?

Pricing Guide How Much Does Bed Bug Treatment Cost

When people start suspecting that they have bed bugs, the cost of treatment is their biggest concern. Many are surprised to find out just how cost-effective it can become to hire a pest company to handle the problem. There are some typical cost ranges that you should expect to pay. That is when you want […]

Bed Bug Life Cycle: Stopping the Infestation in Its Tracks

Bed Bug Life Cycle Stopping The Infestation in Its Tracks

Bed bugs love to hide, and they thrive in dark and moist environments. This is why stopping bed bug infestation can become a bit of a challenge! The pests can become difficult to spot and even harder to get rid of. The first step in stopping bed bug infestation is figuring out where they are […]

What Are Bed Bugs?: How to Identify Bed Bugs and Infestation

What Are Bed Bugs-How to Identify Bed Bugs and Infestation

Just a few facts on how to identify bed bugs and how they affect your body during an infestation. First off, you can learn about how to identify bed bugs themselves. The easiest way is through visible evidence. Examples are bites on the arms or face that result in rashes or inflammation around the area. […]

What Causes Bed Bug Infestations?

What Causes Bed Bug Infestations

Bed bugs are small insects that live by feeding on people and animals. The most common symptoms of bed bug bites consist of tiny red bumps or welts to form on the skin where a bed bug bites. The causes of bed bug infestations are due to man’s habitation. Some come from their biology. Their […]

How Effective is Freezing Bed Bugs?

How effective is freezing bed bugs

Imagine you are camping outside in sub-zero temperatures, with snow piling up around you! It is the last day of your vacation and after packing your things, you prepare to leave. You notice that underneath the log cabin where you stayed, there are several clumps of bugs huddled together for warmth. Of course, they are […]

Does Freezing Kill Bed Bugs & Its Eggs?

Does Freezing Kill Bed Bugs & Its Eggs

Freezing is one of the most effective ways to kill all stages of a bed bug! Kill them when their body temperatures drop below freezing. Temperatures under -10°C or 14°F will become lethal for them. Lower temperatures will slow down or even completely stop their life processes. There have been many questions about freezing success […]