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Brooklyn, NY, Bed Bug Exterminator Company Goes Green with Cryonite Freeze Action

Are you looking for a safe and effective bed bug treatment for your Brooklyn, NY, home? You’ll want to look for a bed bug exterminator company that deploys Cryonite freezing, the most effective treatment for eliminating bed bugs. Cryonite is a bed bug treatment that uses the extreme cooling properties of CO2—carbon dioxide, also known as dry ice—to eliminate pests. Here are the advantages of Cryonite:

Cryonite Is Effective

The number one advantage of Cryonite for bed bugs is that it kills the annoying insects effectively. Unfortunately, bed bugs are becoming more and more immune to pesticides, so old-school methods are not only unsafe for your home and family but don’t work as well as they did in the past. Cryonite uses low temperatures to rapidly kill bed bugs on contact. This method is effective against nearly all types of crawling insects and is pesticide free. The reason this method works well is that bed bugs can’t survive when exposed to extreme cold, and unlike pesticides, they can’t build up a resistance to it.

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A “Green” Solution

Cryonite is pressurized CO2 that when applied in thin layers on bed bugs it rapidly freezes them, causing instant death. The process is chemical-free and non-toxic but highly effective for the extermination of bed bugs. Cryonite freezing is environmentally friendly because it uses recycled CO2 that doesn’t add extra CO2 to the atmosphere. Cryonite is non-poisonous compared to many other bug extermination methods and can be used anywhere, even on surfaces that get in contact with food, such as the kitchen and dining area. After applying this method to your home surface, there is no residue, so homeowners, apartment tenants, or hotel guests can get back to the previously infested room or apartment immediately.

Works for Bugs in Any Growing Stage

Another advantage of Cryonite is that it kills bed bugs in any growth stage, regardless if they are found as adults, larvae, pupae, or eggs. Many bed bug treatments spray the entire home, without actually knowing the exact spots of infestation. Our team figures out where the bugs are and targets the problem—keeping the treatment as efficient as possible. A great thing about Cryonite is that it penetrates easily into deep cracks and crevices. The “snow” even reaches far into long pipes. For the bed bugs to be killed effectively in all life stages, including eggs, Cryonite particles not only reach the pests but cling to them to assure they are fully killed.

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Cryonite Is Fast

After identifying a bed bug infestation, it is crucial to start the elimination process as soon as possible to prevent further spreading. The number one mistake people do when they find out they are dealing with an infestation is starting some ineffective DIY treatment to keep the bed bugs from reproducing. Skip traditional treatment and DIY “solutions” and gain peace of mind with our skilled team and our professional equipment at an affordable price. We start the process with our trained canines sniffing out the infested area with up to 98 percent accuracy. Then our highly knowledgeable team will use Cryonite to eliminate your bed bug problem effectively. We provide safe bed bug treatment that represents no risk of contamination, is non-toxic, and can penetrate places that other treatments can’t reach to entirely kill bed bugs.