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Bed Bug Exterminator: Odd Places You’ll Find Bed Bugs Hiding in NYC

If you think bed bugs only hide out in beds, think again! These pests can actually lurk in some pretty unusual spots of your NYC home and in nearby areas. If you suspect that you have a problem and may need a bed bug exterminator, think back to whether the bugs could have come from any of these locations.


When you travel, you frequently lay the suitcase on the floor, open it up, and get some things out. While it is open on the floor, tiny little bed bugs can crawl into the cracks of the suitcase and find their way into the clothing. When your trip is finished, you close your suitcase, zip it up, and take it home. 

Upon returning home, you don’t even know that you have picked up bed bugs and you put your clothes in the wash and return the suitcase to the closet. Once in the closet, the bed bugs can multiply and make their homes in the clothes on the floor, the tiny nooks and crannies of the baseboards, and the crevices of the suitcase. Now the bed bugs have found a home in the closet.

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Cars and Buses

Bed bugs are the consummate travelers as they can hitch a ride on suitcases, purses, and even  shoes to wind up in the cracks of a car seat that is covered with fabric. They can be in the carpet of the trunk when your suitcases are loaded, and they can be found in the fabric panels of public bus walls and seats. Unless treated and removed completely, the bed bugs will continue on to your NYC home with you.

Public Laundromats

If you use a public Laundromat, there is the possibility of picking up bed bugs there. When someone has bed bugs but does not know it and brings the dirty clothes to the Laundromat, these bugs can find their way into your clothing. Because so many people use these Laundromats, the begs can find their way into multiple homes. 

Electrical Outlets

Bed bugs love dark, hollow spaces to make their homes, and electrical outlets provide just that. They can find a tiny crack in the cover and the wall to find their way into the outlet. From there they can easily travel to other homes in a multi-home dwelling.

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Movie Theaters

With the dark, cool atmosphere and the fabric seats, bed bugs can find a perfect home in movie theaters. Nestled into the cracks of the seats where they meet the metal, bed bugs have easy access to the people who sit there. Once they have transferred to your clothing, they may leave with you to accompany you home.

What Can You Do About Bed Bugs?

If you suspect you have bed bugs from the tiny bites in the morning on your arms and shoulders, take action immediately. Contact your local pest control company that has bug sniffing dogs to pinpoint where the bugs might be lurking. Once they have confirmed the presence of the bugs, the bed bug exterminator will get to work to rid your NYC home of bed bugs once and for all. With a revolutionary Cryonite freezing process that stops these bugs in their tracks, including the larvae, you can be confident that they will remove the bed bugs without harming any clothing, furniture, or any other thing in your home.