Bed Bug Exterminator: How to Prevent Bringing Bed Bugs to Your Bronx, NY, Home From Travels

Traveling involves the chance of picking up bed bugs while visiting new places and bringing them back to your Bronx, NY, home. Bring a few home as unwanted souvenirs, and you’ll find yourself needing the services of a bed bug exterminator. Fortunately, with a few precautions, you could avoid such a predicament. Try keeping these simple tips in mind when traveling abroad so that your home stays free of bed bugs.

Inspect Your Room

When you first arrive to the room you will be staying in, don’t unpack your clothes until you have made a quick inspection of the room. You could isolate your belongings in the bathroom before you do your inspecting. This simple 15-minute step can save you sleepless nights if you do manage let bed bugs sneak back to your home.

There are a few common places to check for bed bugs. Pull back the blankets and sheets including the mattress cover as well. Use a flashlight to shine in the seams and nooks of your bed, and look for a small reddish black bug anywhere in this area. Remove the pillowcase and check the seams of the pillows because these are common places for bed bugs to congregate. After checking the bed, look around in the surrounding area like behind the nightstand or behind pictures frames.

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Lastly, check any upholstered furniture for signs of bed bugs, such as under the chairs and in between cushions. If you do find any signs of bed bugs, call the front desk and notify them immediately. These matters are taken very seriously because bed bug problems that are left unchecked can spread to the rest of the hotel.

Pack Extra Protection

The main issue with bed bug detection is the fact that they only come out at night. Then, during the day they disperse and hide far from reach. When you are traveling, the biggest risk for taking bed bugs home with you involves your suitcase. An incredibly useful item that would take up little space in your luggage is a large sealable plastic bag. Since your luggage is a potential transport for bed bugs, you could put your suitcase in the sealable bag at night to provide peace of mind that the bugs will be unlikely to use it for hitching a ride home with you.

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Store Your Belongings in the Right Area

Unfortunately, clothes and luggage aren’t the only transport vehicles preferred by bed bugs. Be careful of where you place things such as purses, computer bags, or even shoes, which can all attract bed bugs looking for a new home. Make sure all of these items are kept away from upholstered furniture such as couches, chairs, or beds during night time. Another overlooked area that commonly harbors bed bugs is any type of carpeting. You may also want to keep your clothes off of the floor when you’re away from home.

If bed bugs do manage to slip past all your cautionary steps, a bed bug exterminator can rid you of these problematic pests immediately. A careful inspection to confirm a problem will then be followed by effective measures that will put a fast end to the pesty bugs.