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Don't Pack Up - Our Process is Preparation Free

Bed Bug Exterminator Approaches for Offices in Staten Island, NY

Because of the vast space and high amounts of traffic in an office environment, traditional bed bug extermination methods can sometimes fall short. A bed bug exterminator skilled in today’s most effective and robust methods is what you need to prevent an infestation in your Staten Island, NY, office space.

Detection Is the First Step

The amount of time it takes to detect bed bugs during an office infestation can take awhile if it’s not top of mind. Employees are not always working in the same area to notice bed bugs in person. They may be embarrassed to tell anyone they noticed bed bug marks. Or they are not sure where the bed bug problem is happening. That’s why ongoing inspections in commercial spaces are an effective option.

After all, bed bugs can live for a while without being noticed by casual observers. There are plenty of places throughout an office building where they can stay undetected while the infestation grows. Visual detection, unfortunately, doesn’t work as well in an office and can cause delays. Avoid wasted time with the use of specially trained dogs that can sniff out the source of the problem in a fraction of the time. They are 96% to 98% effective within a 3 feet radius.

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The Bed Bug Extermination Process

After detection, the next step is extermination. When working with NY Bed Bug Dogs, you’ll be well informed about what to expect and what you can do to plan for the extermination. We respond quickly to suspected reports of a bed bug problem—we know your business is important and needs to be up and running without interruption, particularly if any interruption has to do with pesky bugs. Preparation on your part is minimal as our treatment is non-toxic and does not require the need to move furniture around (in fact doing so can make the problem worse). You will, however, likely want to have treatment done during off-hours if your office is usually pretty busy and you don’t want to disrupt the workday.

Our method of exterminating bed bugs is pretty quick. Cryonite freezing uses freezing carbon dioxide “dry ice” snow across the area. This environmentally friendly approach is more effective than conventional pesticide treatments, since bed bugs are known to build an immunity to such chemicals. Cryonite freezing is non-toxic and minimizes the need for multiple treatments.

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Ongoing Prevention

After the extermination is over and the space is safe to work in again, the best way to avoid another serious infestation is catching it early. It’s crucial to know what bed bugs look like and the trail they leave when traveling. The bed bug exterminator will let you know how and where bed bugs could show up again in order to get the earliest detection possible. When it comes to bed bugs, a few days of the insects going undetected can result in a giant spike of population, so it’s always good to know what to look for. Often, business owners do not have time to keep watch out for bed bugs, so they entrust us to regularly inspect for them. We’re happy to help!