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Don't Pack Up - Our Process is Preparation Free

4 Tips for Preparing for Bed Bug Service in the Bronx, NY

A bed bug infestation in your Bronx, NY, home can be a stressful time. Bed bugs spread quickly and are difficult for renters and homeowners to eliminate on their own. The best way to completely rid your home of these unwanted pests is to call a professional as soon as possible. By properly preparing your home, you can help ensure your bed bug service will be successful.

Don’t Spread the Problem

Avoid moving belongings to a different location. You may feel tempted to get things out of the house to prevent them from becoming infested or to make clean-up easier. But bed bugs are hard to spot and you may be spreading them to your car and to the new location—and you run the risk of re-introducing them to your home when the bed bug service is over.

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You should also avoid sleeping in a different room. While it may be tempting to move away from the problem, this will increase the likelihood that the infestation spreads. It’s best to keep the issue contained as much as you can.

There’s also no need to move things out if you’re opting for Cryonite freezing. It’s a non-toxic, highly effective approach to ridding homes of bed bugs—and it also eliminates the need to pack up your stuff before a bed bug service.

Don’t Obsess About Your Material Items

Most of your preparation can be focused on choosing the right bed bug service. NY Bed Bug Dogs takes care of the prep work for you. You don’t need to launder all your items before we arrive or move all your furniture somewhere else.

If the whole pesty matter has you insisting on getting rid of furniture, proceed with caution. You may want to seal the furniture in plastic before moving it. Bed bugs and eggs can fall off during transport and spread to new locations. You should also mark any furniture left on the curb as infected to avoid others picking it up and taking home the problem.

Prepare for the Dogs

Our canine inspectors can find the bed bugs amid the clutter, but it’s helpful to clean up any garbage and unwanted items before their arrival. The easier it is for our inspectors and human handlers to navigate your belongings and the rooms, the more thorough and effective they can be at getting to the root of the problem—if there is a problem—and ensuring that you get your home back as quickly as possible.

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The only thing we ask is that you do keep food away from the areas where you think the bed bugs are hanging out. A vacuum or sweep around your home will help our dogs focus on the important issue—finding those bugs. The smell of food (especially pet food) can be distracting! As long as items are sealed before we get there, you don’t need to worry about cleaning them afterward.

Distract Yourself

Bed bug infestations are a nuisance—that’s why you called us up, after all. Take a break from the problem before we complete the inspection process while our dogs do your job and while we prepare to remedy the issue. Be sure to turn down any electronic media, and close your windows.

NY Bedbug Dogs guarantees our work and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We believe in a comprehensive approach and will return to treat the problem if necessary.