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4 Reasons Why DIY Bed Bug Control Fails

The embarrassing nature of bed bugs has homeowners all too often thinking they can address the problem on their own. However, the spotting of a bed bug can be a sign of a deeper infestation that home remedies cannot contain. There are many reasons that home remedies are not the best option to turn to for your Brooklyn, NY home.

Wasting Time on Home Remedies

Bed bugs not only replicate rather quickly, but they are also great at hiding. They love to sneak into crevices, and are so tiny that they are often hard to see if you do not know what to look out for. In your worrying about your bed bug problem, you may have come across home remedies that instruct you to spray the liquid on your bed or under it. These type of remedies are better at preventing bed bugs than actually eliminating them. In order to fully eliminate bed bugs, it is necessary for you to exterminate the eggs as well. Since there may be a few days between when you try the do-it-yourself treatment and when the eggs hatch, you may temporarily think the problem is solved, but disappointment is inevitable when ineffective home remedies are put into action. It is much better to deploy a professional treatment that strikes against bed bugs at every stage of their lifecycle, not just when they’re fully grown.

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Putting Your Health at Risk

Perhaps even worse than the time you will have wasted trying to remedy the problem yourself is that fact you could put your health at risk. Mixing or applying chemicals without proper training can be extremely hazardous. You can potentially spread fumes throughout your entire household if you do not know what you’re doing, or you could leave toxicity lingering on your belongings. Proper precautions are best left to the exterminating professionals.

Risking a Fire

An ineffective method for bed bugs is trying to overheat. Some people have taken that method into their own hands and have tried to use blowtorches and large space heaters to try to kill off bed bugs. These are very dangerous approaches that have proven to be ineffective. Avoid the fire risk and turn over your bed bug problem to professionals who can rid you of the pests as soon as possible.

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Ineffective Chemicals

Over the years, some homeowners have fallen for the marketing gimmicks of weak chemicals that promise to eliminate their bed bug problem, but in fact the bugs have built up a resistance to those applications or those treatments were never effective to begin with. Moreover, who wants to bring their potentially toxic chemicals into their home?

We have found that the way to avoid wasting time and money, and to avoid risking harm to yourself or your home, is to take the most effective approach—Cryonite freezing. With properly handling by professionals, this non-toxic treatment eliminates bed bugs, no matter what stage of life they are in, right away. It involves emitting carbon dioxide “snow” at a temperature of -110° F. Your home and all of your belongings will be safe once the treatment is done. Give us a call to have our dogs inspect your home for bed bugs, and we’ll provide proper, effective treatment if you do indeed have a problem.