Licensed Professional Bed Bug Control For Your Residential and Commercial Property in the Tri-State Area

NY Bed Bug Dogs offers extermination to residential and commercial customers in the NY Metropolitan area as well as New Jersey. New York’s most elite dog team can pinpoint infestations with their keen sense of smell. This makes them perfect for finding out where those annoying little bugs might hide! For example, one canine has found an average hotel room after just two minutes spent searching through it!

Bed Bug Control For Your Residential and Commercial Property in NY, CT, and NJ gets nearly a hundreds calls every month. Bed bug problem in the Tri-State area are increasing exponentially. Call us a FREE phone quote at 866-665-DOGS (866-665-3647)

Our Bed Bug Treatment Options

Bed bugs are annoying creatures that can ruin your day. We provide treatment in New York City, Long Island, and New Jersey. So you do not have to suffer through them!

Cryonite Freezing

This is a non-chemical bed bug treatment that kills them on contact. Meet licensed professionals of cryonite freezing bed bugs. They carry out the rest of their termite and bed bug extermination work.

Cryonite is a revolutionary new treatment that gets rid of these annoying creatures in all stages. Professionals designed it for use with our team. Machines emit carbon dioxide snow at temperatures well below chilly -110 degrees Fahrenheit which freeze them dead!

NY Bed Bug Dogs Detection and Extermination Process

Learn more about the five steps that you can experience during the process of detecting and exterminating your bed bugs. Here they are:


This is the first step of the bed bug exterminating process. In this stage, every area which needs treatment should become cleared out. Discover these bugs from sniffing dogs or other detection methods. To avoid any confusion during an inspection, remove all items that could confuse the dogs.

It may mean taking some things with you or leaving them in a safe place at home. Prepare while staying away for up to two days. It will not become longer than three.


This stage of exterminating is the step where detection dogs will search for bed bugs. Inspection can help you identify them, but it may not clear out the problem at once. It is more of a routine that helps keep them away or does work with them to avoid further problems.

Some properties do not always need this step because property owners have done most of the preparation beforehand. It may become unnecessary for bed bug dogs to inspect on one occasion.


With our bed bug exterminator and trained bed dogs, we fight these bugs by treatment. Our bed dog team focuses on the problem’s source to clear them out at the root. After all, it is much more effective than spraying or bombing them! But you can often see no results in one step alone. This is because bed bugs are very persistent creatures that do not give up easily!

Follow Up

Our bed bug exterminator professionals do follow-up treatments every three to six months after the initial one. But we always make sure to inform you before we take the next steps toward extermination.

Bed bugs might not seem like much trouble. But they can ruin your entire day easily! Find them from our specially trained dogs for this task. Better yet, find them from other detection methods or other services today.


We provide bed bug exterminator services with a warranty. That means when these creatures return to your property, we will also come back to take care of the problem at no charge! Our licensed and insured bed dog team can guarantee you high-quality extermination in the tri-state area.

Why Work with a Professional Bed Bug Extermination Company?

You can do bed bug pest control yourself. But there are some good reasons why you should work with bed bug exterminators instead. Taking these steps does not mean more money for bed bugs that will keep on returning.


This bed bug extermination cost depends on the size of your property and the severity of the infestation. It starts at an estimated $1,200 for a one-bedroom apartment and can go up to $3,000 for two bedrooms. But bed bug exterminators in NYC will do everything they can to control these pests themselves.

Yes, bed bugs are still a problem in the tri-state area. With bedding and hotel infestations, it has become important to stay alert for these creatures! New York still holds the recognition as the most infested city. Residents suffer from the countless stream of bites all over their bodies.

The bed bugs exterminator professionals will go after these pests! They stay until all of the bugs leave your property. Treating bed bugs can become difficult because their eggs are hard to reach. You need extermination experts who handle them daily.

They exist mainly from bedding and bed linens. They can also spread through used clothing, furniture, and mattresses. But bed bugs do not always stay on bedding alone. You can find them in other places like walls or ceilings as well. The lack of awareness about bed bugs is what leads to their most prominent cause being an issue with pest control.

Bed bug foggers are just bombs for these pests. These can lead to them migrating away from the area where they release chemicals. This brings them right into your bed or sofa. You will want professionals for this duty because of the damage they can cause.

The bed bugs exterminator professionals will take care of them quickly! They can provide fumigation services to get rid of these pests. Exterminators are the ones who know what chemicals work best against them!

With bed bugs, one female can lay hundreds of eggs in a year! This leads to infestations growing quickly! They only take three months to turn into bed bugs after hatching. You have to get rid of them as soon as possible for this reason alone.

A female bed bug can lay up to seven eggs a day when she is healthy and well-fed. Eggs take around 20 days before they hatch. But it all depends on the weather. Hatching into nymphs takes about 60 more minutes or more based on the climate.

These little bugs become sexually mature adults who can now start mating themselves once every 10 to 12 days. That is until their life cycle has come back full circle.


Here are the Bedbug Facts

  • Reddish-brown, wingless insect up to ¼ inch long.

  • They can infest all types of environments, even
    expensive, luxurious homes

  • Sanitation and cleanliness have no bearing
    on their presence.

  • Feed every 7-10 days with 1-3 bites per feeding

  • Can survive 400+ days without blood meals.

  • Travel in bags, boxes, and furniture to new
    homes and hosts.

  • Bedbug saliva acts as an analgesic and
    anti-coagulant, which prevents you from feeling pain during bites

  • Can take up to 5 days for the itch and irritation associated with the bites to appear. This often makes it very difficult to determine precisely where one is being bitten

  • Their small size and tendency to hide in seams, cracks, and crevices make them very difficult to see and treat.

  • Several treatments are typically necessary to get rid of an infestation, due to the cryptic nature associated with these bugs.

It’s important to act fast if you think you have bed bugs! Call us for a FREE consultation: (866) 665-3647

“I was a bit skeptical about a canine inspection…but when I saw that dog find the bed bug—I was amazed!”
— Marta G, Jersey City, New Jersey