Bed Bugs do not economically discriminate — they can and will infect any residence.

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Top quality bed bug inspection NYC

Bed Bug InspectTop quality bed bug inspection NYCion NYC: Where Do Bed Bugs Bite?

The old adage about sleeping tight to prevent bed bugs from biting takes on a brand-new complexion when you’re faced for the first time with the prospect of a bed bug infestation. Finding them quickly through a bed bug inspection in NYC should be the goal at the first sign of a problem. These pesky critters can take away your sleep, cause gruesome bite lesions, and even bring on infections from scratching. To retake your bedroom and return to peaceful, healthy sleep, you’ll need to confirm you do indeed have a bed bug problem and then have them eradicated.

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Here are the Bedbug Facts

  • Reddish-brown, wingless insect up to ¼ inch long.

  • They can infest all types of environments, even
    expensive, luxurious homes

  • Sanitation and cleanliness have no bearing
    on their presence.

  • Feed every 7-10 days with 1-3 bites per feeding

  • Can survive 400+ days without blood meals.

  • Travel in bags, boxes, and furniture to new
    homes and hosts.

  • Bedbug saliva acts as an analgesic and
    anti-coagulant, which prevents you from feeling pain during bites

  • Can take up to 5 days for the itch and irritation associated with the bites to appear. This often makes it very difficult to determine precisely where one is being bitten

  • Their small size and tendency to hide in seams, cracks, and crevices make them very difficult to see and treat.

  • Several treatments are typically necessary to get rid of an infestation, due to the cryptic nature associated with these bugs.

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I was a bit skeptical about a canine inspection…but when I saw that dog find the bed bug—I was amazed!
— Marta G, Jersey City, New Jersey
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