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Don't Pack Up, Our Process is Preparation Free

96%-98% Accurate in Detection

They are 96%-98% effective at pinpointing bedbugs within a 3 foot radius where they’re located. Our dogs graduated from Canine Academy after receiving over 800 hours of training to seek out bedbugs. These dogs work every day side-by-side with our certified dog handlers. Our Methodology has been featured on Animal Planet and in The New York Times.

Environmentally Safe offers environmentally safe and people friendly solutions that effectively eliminates Bedbugs. Bedbug dogs are the most effective way to diagnoss a bedbug problem. If remediation is required, we have clarity on the working zones to rid the bed bugs. In order to reduce impact on the environment, we use environmentally friendly products first before any other extermination agents. Our work offers guarantees tailored to your needs..

Competitively Priced

We are competitively priced and unlike our competitors we accept any sized job (no job is to small). The canine team searches for bed bugs and associated eggs, shell and other gases. When found we identify the areas to remediate. If there is no bed bug infestation, are work is done and you only pay for the detection service. If there is, at times it is as simple as the discarding of a book, clock radio or other small, no too little value item requiring no other remediation efforts. The result of this “Integrated Management Approach” provides fast and complete solutions to your bed bug problems at an affordable cost!

Fast in Response Time

Immediate Remediation
You want your unwanted guests (pest and or insects) gone ASAP. Fixing your problem fast, is a big part of our 100% customer satisfaction goal. Our phone lines are open 24/7...give us a call at (866) 665-3647

100% Guaranteed

Guaranteed Results
NY Bedbug Dogs guarantees all of our work and stands behind our guarantee 100%.
We offer a two treatment, two inspection bedbug elimination process. It's a comprehensive approach and it's one of the best in the business.

Happy NY Bedbug Dog clients relaxing on floor Exterminator spraying CRYONITE on mattress Exterminator applying Cryonite to matteress with bed bugs Cryonite is a green, eco-people friendly, poison free solution that uses carbon dioxide to literally freeze Bed Bugs to death. bedbug on hand
CRYONITE sprayed on floor literally freeze Bed Bugs to death Applying Cryonite is a poison-free solution tofreeze Bed Bugs to death. Spraying bedbugs in mattress with Cryonite bed bug bites on arm